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    The Clean Creeks in the Classroom Program curriculum is targeted to public school fifth-grade students. Students participate in watershed model demonstrations, and other educational activities, that instill awareness of Best Management Practices to use at 鸿运福彩app下载安装, for the prevention of runoff pollution through our gutters and storm drains.

    Clean Creeks Classroom Curriculum

    • Classroom visit and watershed model interactive demonstration
    • Field trip to Bidwell Park or Verbena Fields
    • Follow-up classroom visit
    • Family Involvement

    Kids & Creeks

    Clean Creeks in the Classroom partners with the program to provide education on runoff pollution prevention through the protection of our creeks' riparian zones. Students get to enjoy a field trip to the park, and learn all about the riparian habitat.

    Education and Game Websites

    Check them out.

    Big Chico Creek Watershed map

    Download a copy of the Big Chico Creek Watershed map used in classroom presentations here (large file, 46 MB)